A range of value-adding tools and utilities that allow you to customise your solution

Value-adding Tools and Utilities

Each of the tools provided by SmarterWay™ can help your business to improve upon its processes by automating each part of your service.

Each of the tools integrates into XPTech platforms via the core XPAssetSmart™ solution, allowing you to improve your business efficiency and maximise your revenues.



Contactless Proof of Delivery

Business Intelligence Reporting

Recognising Revenue

Collecting Asset Revenue

Verifying Licences

Integrating API’s

customer experience

How Businesses are Using Sign4

Contactless Handovers

Mercedes-Benz Cars UK deliver a high volume of fleet cars every week and as a key part of their customer experience have adopted Sign4 technology for the delivery and collection of their vehicles.

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The health and safety of our customers, employees and business partners remains our top priority during these times – we now offer a contactless handover experience and digital signatures utilising Sign4’s technology

Mercedes-Benz Cars UK – Fleet

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